Version B

internat 15_11

Version B from open structures on Vimeo.

Version B was designed to allow for some alterations, where the primary characteristics of the material were kept but alterations could be made in relation to a specific context. To accomplish this, the textile was designed in the form of a mesh structure with links permanently merged to the nodes, providing basic structure and materiality. The extra links and nodes provided can be used to restrict the elasticity of the structure, but also to change the character of the textile by adding colour, weight, texture, and pattern. This material is designed to have fewer possible alterations as compared to Version A: Some nodes in the mesh are split on one side, restricting the number of extra elements that can be attached, and only a small number of extra elements are provided with the original design – two types of links and one node. Each element introduced into the structure leads to broader consequences for the design; adding, for example, stabilising elements also results in the addition of threadlike extensions to the material, and extension nodes inserted into split nodes add colour but also increase weight.

The image above is a rendering of the structure’s original design, along with the additional links that can be used to re-design it. The video above and the images below depict Version B in its 3D printed form, and some of the many possible ways in which it can be re-designed. The black sections of the structure are printed in a rubber-like polymer, the pink sections are made of a stiff polymer, and the gold sections are made of stainless steel.

DSC_5315bild till hemsidaDSC_5199DSC_5207DSC_5226DSC_5237DSC_5391(Photographs are taken by Jan Berg.)