Version A


Version A from open structures on Vimeo.

Version A was designed to allow for invasive alterations, so that the material’s basic character could be explored and developed with few limitations. To do this, the structures were built using separate nodes and links, all of which could be replaced or rearranged. The original design consisted of two areas with different types of construction, which could be retained, altered, or removed by another designer as part of another design process. One section is stretchable and made from triangular nodes in a rubber-like material, while the other is stiff and more stable, and is made from square nodes in stiff plastic. Other types of links, made from both stiff and elastic raw material, are also provided with the original textile, allowing for different construction techniques and properties to be used with or added to the textile.

The image above is a rendering of the structure’s original design, along with the additional links that can be used to re-design it. The video above and the images below depict Version A in its 3D printed form, and some of the many possible ways in which it can be re-designed. The black sections of the structure are printed in a rubber-like polymer, while the white sections are made of a stiff polymer.

DSC_5438DSC_5518DSC_5628DSC_5669DSC_5790DSC_5850DSC_5880(photographs by Jan Berg)